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Body Peels

A chemical body peel is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure designed to enhance skin texture and tone by removing the top layer of skin and revealing a healthier layer beneath. It is a chemical exfoliation process that uses acids to peel off dead skin cells, without the need for manual exfoliation. This safe and effective treatment has gained popularity as an anti-aging and skin-brightening solution.

Why we need Body Peels ?

It is ironic that while we look after our face and its cosmetic look, many of us tend to ignore skin issues on the rest of our bodies. Many people have acne breakouts on the body, hyperpigmentation, layers of fine lines, and other issues. Dull and dry skin is not healthy. It makes us look aged as well. Advancing age, poor diet, exposure to the sun’s rays and environmental pollutants damage our skin.

A body skin peel can rectify the damage. It can make you look good again. A chemical skin peel can also smoothen your rough and bumpy skin, improve the skin tone, even your complexion, and remove the acne.

When to get body Peels

Chemical body peels improve skin texture and tone
The treatment peels off the top layer of the skin to expose healthier and younger-looking skin
Chemical exfoliation is used instead of friction-based exfoliation
Chemical body peels are completely safe and have become a popular anti-aging and skin-brightening treatment
They can improve a variety of skin concerns such as acne, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines
Body peels can also stimulate collagen production and improve overall skin health

How Does Body Peel Work?

The body peel treatment works by weakening the bond between the top layer of skin cells and the underlying tissue using acid, which removes the dead skin cells and improves cell turnover. This process is effective in treating skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation and fine lines.

Enjoy Beautifully Smooth, Silky Skin After Body Peeling Treatment.

When Can I See the Result of a Full-Body Skin Peel?

It will take some time, usually between two and a half to four months for most people. Remember, you will need follow-up body chemical peel treatments. You will see an effective change after about three sessions. Sometimes, there are improvements after each session, though. The time difference between two sessions can be between four to six weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Body Peels

Almost any part of your body and face can be effectively treated with laser hair removal. These include the following areas:

– Legs
– Bikini Line
– Public area
– Abdomen
– Back
– Chest
– Forearms
– Underarms
– Neck
– Chin
– Scalp

A chemical peel for body treatment is usually a completely safe process. There are rarely any risks. In some instances, a few people have reported a minor irritation and redness on the targeted skin area. But they almost always go away in a few days. Always report if you have any other issues or if the redness or irritation stays after 4—5 days.

Arms and legs
Body Acne
Stretch Marks
Sensitive areas
Elbows and knees

Be sure to shave the target area the morning of or the day before your treatment, leaving the hair no longer than 2 millimetres. Shaving removes the majority of hair but leaves a small portion in the follicle to absorb the laser energy. Cleanse your skin with soap and water, and do not use any lotion, deodorant or perfume on the area.

Chemical peels use specialized agents to exfoliate the skin by creating a controlled injury that removes the outer layers. This process encourages the growth of a fresh, healthy layer of skin and can improve various skin issues such as hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven texture, and impurities.

Exercise that produces a lot of heavy sweating should be avoided the day of the peel. You may resume all regular activities the next day.

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