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Candela Gentel Max Pro

GentleMax Pro is every customers favorite hair reduction laser machine.

It combines Gentle laser an Alexandrite laser and GentleYag a ND:Yag laser. GentleMax Pro is the gold standard for effective hair removal in all skin types. It excels in providing safe, high speed, effective laser hair removal with high patient satisfaction and comfort. Typically, permanent hair removal requires 4-6 treatments, but some patients require more.

Hair Removal

Wide Choice of Solutions for Everyone

GentleMax Pro combines Gentle laser an Alexandrite laser and GentleYag a ND:Yag laser. The device is used to treat various pigmentary disorders, provide skin rejuvenation treatments, treat vascular lesions and achieve effective, lasting hair removal.

Some Key benefits include :-

• Full body hair reduction in just 40 mins.

• Best hair clearance by the 3 msec technology.

• Ideal safety & comfort by patent DCD technology ™(Dynamic cooling device).

Candela GentleMax Pro offers you the most convenient laser hair removal procedure with a skin-cooling option. The machine is equipped with a Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) that delivers consistent burst of protective cryogen every time the laser purse is fired by the system. The air cooling compatible technology directs cold air to the treatment area for patient comfort.

The GentleMax Pro performs skin tightening on the face and lower jawline over a series of treatments every 4-6weeks. This procedure does not require sedation and there is no downtime.

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