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Intimate Rejuvenation

Intimate Rejuvenation is a minimally invasive procedure that effectively tightens both the inner and outer structures and muscles of the vagina, resulting in improved strength, muscle tone, and control. The use of advanced procedures such as vaginal tightening, O-Shot, G-Shot, fat transfer, and more, can address various issues including urinary incontinence, lack of lubrication, and vaginal laxity.

Why Intimate  Rejuvenation  ?

Intimate Rejuvenation offers various benefits such as improving vaginal strength, muscle tone, and control. It can help correct multiple issues like urinary incontinence, absence of lubrication, and lack of vaginal tightness. Advanced procedures like vaginal tightening, O-Shot, G-Shot, Fat transfer, Monsplasty, Clitoral Hood Reduction, Vaginoplasty, Labiaplasty, O-Shot and G-Shot, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), Q-switched Laser, Specialized Peels, Carboxy Therapy, and Customized Fillers can be used to manage these issues effectively.

Benefits of Intimate Rejuvenation

Improved sexual experience: Intimate Rejuvenation can improve the overall sexual experience by increasing vaginal strength and tightness, leading to increased sensations and pleasure during intercourse.

Increased confidence: Women who undergo Intimate Rejuvenation often report feeling more confident and comfortable in their bodies, leading to increased self-esteem and a better quality of life.

Treatment for medical conditions: Intimate Rejuvenation can help treat medical conditions such as urinary incontinence and vaginal atrophy, which can significantly impact a woman’s quality of life.


Key Notes Intimate Rejuvenation

Improved relationship satisfaction: By improving sexual function and increasing confidence, Intimate Rejuvenation can also improve relationship satisfaction for both partners.

Non-surgical options available: With non-surgical options like O-Shot and G-Shot, women can achieve Intimate Rejuvenation without undergoing invasive surgery or experiencing lengthy recovery times.

Our Non-Surgical Treatments

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

PRP for vaginal rejuvenation is a natural procedure to resolve intimate dysfunctions. Two to four tiny injections are administered around the base clitoris. Growth factors released from the activated PRP, promote collagen and elastin production inside the genitalia and around the clitoris. It leads to the expansion and muscle tightening as tissues thicken. Ultimately, leading to easier stimulation, no dryness, and a better quality of intimacy.

Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal laxity, which refers to the loose skin around the vagina, can occur due to various factors such as age, childbirth, and menopause. It can result in a loss of sensation during intercourse and decreased sexual satisfaction. At CosmeSurge, our team of experts specializes in vaginal rejuvenation treatments using laser and radiofrequency technology to tighten the vagina and improve overall intimate health.

Vaginal Whitening

Vaginal whitening refers to the practice of lightening the skin around the vaginal area. It is often done for cosmetic purposes and involves the use of topical creams, laser treatments, or chemical peels. However, it is important to note that vaginal whitening is not medically necessary and can potentially cause harm if not done properly. It is always recommended to consult a medical professional before pursuing any cosmetic treatment.

RF Treatment

RF treatment uses electromagnetic waves, similar to the waves used in a microwave (but to a lesser extent). RF waves heat the vaginal tissue, encouraging blood flow and collagen production. Brand names of RF devices include Viveve®, Emsella® and ThermiVA®.

Intimate Rejuvenation offers various benefits such as improving
vaginal strength, muscle tone, and control.

Modern health trends can be fleeting, making it difficult to distinguish between truly beneficial practices and passing fads. Vaginal rejuvenation has recently become a popular topic, but many women are still unaware of its potential benefits. Studies show that nearly 40% of women experience psychological distress due to sexual dysfunction. Fortunately, Intimate Rejuvenation is gaining popularity as a means to address issues related to aging and post-childbirth. It’s important to prioritize your feminine wellness, as it can have a significant impact on your daily life. Let’s delve into what Intimate Rejuvenation entails.

Frequently Asked Questions About
Intimate Rejuvenation

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments are used to relax the wrinkle-causing muscles of the upper face, they reduce deep wrinkles and fine lines whilst also preventing new wrinkles from forming. The toxin has got over 50 years experience in the medical field where it is used to treat a wide range of medical problems such as excessive sweating, and migraines. In the Aesthetic field, it has 30 years experience.

In the Aesthetic field, Anti-wrinkle treatments are used to treat:
Horizontal Forehead Lines.
Frown Lines – 11 lines between the eyebrows.
Crow’s Feet – Around the eyes.
Bunny Lines – Scrunch lines on the nose.

Vaginal rejuvenation is a broad term that describes various vaginal corrective procedures. Due to causes ranging from childbirth and aging to genetics, your vagina and its surrounding tissues may lose elasticity and strength. This leads to several issues like incontinence (leaking urine), vaginal dryness, sagging skin and lack of sexual pleasure. Many women or people assigned female at birth (AFAB) look to vaginal rejuvenation to improve these conditions and restore the look and function of their vagina. There are surgical and nonsurgical options for vaginal rejuvenation.

People get vaginal rejuvenation to address common issues associated with having children or menopause, including vaginal looseness, lack of lubrication and loss of sexual intimacy. Treatment can help minimize these symptoms as well as:


Loose skin around the vagina.

Leaking urine when jumping, sneezing or laughing.

Not being able to hold your urine.

Decreased libido.

Excess dryness.

Painful sex.

Loss of sensation and sexual satisfaction.

Lack of confidence or low self-esteem.

If you have a nonsurgical treatment, you should wait at least three to five days to have sex. Check for signs of infection or bleeding before engaging in sexual intercourse. You should also refrain from using a tampon or inserting anything into your vagina during the recovery period.

The longevity of treatment can be affected by your metabolism, your muscle bulk, and your lifestyle. Each patient responds differently, but on average anti-wrinkle Treatment last between 2 and 4 months before the full relaxing effect on the muscle wears off completely.

Anti-wrinkle results wear off gradually, the full relaxation result will last out to 6 weeks post-treatment, after which a tiny bit of movement slowly creeps back in however muscles are not back to full functionality until the 2 to 4-month mark when re-treatment is recommended.

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures can be surgical or nonsurgical. Treatment affects the vulva (the outer part of the female genitals) and the vaginal canal (where penetration occurs during sex or where you put a tampon).

It depends. Laser and RF treatments usually need to be repeated over several sessions. Results are not permanent. Surgical procedures may last longer, but there is no guarantee that the results will last forever.

Like most cosmetic surgeries, individual results will vary. Some vaginal rejuvenation treatments are questionable and lack scientific proof.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned some companies marketing vaginal rejuvenation procedures. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) warns against these procedures, calling the marketing practices “deceptive.” They recommend that you go through a careful evaluation with your gynecologist and understand the risks and complications before proceeding with vaginal rejuvenation procedures.

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